Kinesiology Sessions - Pricing...

Initial Consult:  1hr15 @ $125  (to make the most of your first session, please come 10 minutes earlier and fill out a form in Reception)

  • Client History

  • Client Balance 

  • Treatment Plan

Follow-Up Consultations:  1hr @ $105

  • Kinesiology Balance 

  • Treatment Plan Assessment

Double Consultations:  2hrs @ $200 (no online bookings)

  • For more complex brain integration, structural and hormonal issues

  • Treatment Plan Assessment

Online Consultations Via Zoom:   1hr  @ $105

During COVID19 pandemic, I learned how to online balance with Hugo Tobar during my online CORONAVIRUS course. I utilise these new online skills for all kinesiology sessions not just COVID19.  Very powerful, clients and myself blown away with the shifts and results.  

Private Health Fund Rebates:  (Unfortunately all private medical schemes removed Kinesiology and a lot of other natural therapies on the 1 April 2019)

Providers: (no longer offering)

HBF, Medibank Private, BUPA, Australian Unity, Teachers Health, AHM