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“Michelle lovingly supported our family over an extended period of time and facilitated our growth and healing with a mixture of knowledge, curiosity, sensitivity and good old fashioned hard work.

If you are reading this then you are one step away from a truly transformational experience.  "I recommend Michelle's work unequivocally."

PAUL TASSONE, Mandurah - WA & California - USA 

“Not knowing anything about kinesiology but willing to give anything a try after Emilie injured her hip in dancing.  We went along and it was explained in great detail what the session and her treatment plan would entail.  It was a very relaxing atmosphere and no pain from doing the session.  After only 5 sessions Emilie was completely free from pain and was able to dance better than before.  Since then whenever she has any niggles with her hips, back, etc we go straight back to Michelle for a balance and everything has been 100% successful.  I have recommended people to try Kinesiology after having no success in other areas and they have been thoroughly surprised by the successful outcome.  It has certainly opened my eyes and mind to a more natural way of healing the body.  "A very big thank you to Michelle".

 ELIZABETH, Florida, WA 

“I first went to see Michelle just before starting to study again so she could do some brain integration to help me concentrate on my studies.  After staying at home with 2 kids for a few years I wasn't sure I'd be able to study again.  Going to see Michelle really helped me to focus and concentrate on my studies.  I found she was such a talented Kinesiologist that I went back to her for other areas of my life including anxiety, low self-esteem and even for pain after knee surgery.

Michelle seemed to be a naturally gifted healer so I also took my 6 year old daughter to see Michelle for a balance concerning anxiety issues.  It has really helped my daughter work through her anxiety and she seems much happier and calmer after a balance with Michelle.  My daughter now asks to have a balance when she is starting to get really anxious about things again.  We still read her affirmation given from her last balance, every night, even though she only needed to read it for a week.  Its now been over a month and she knows it by heart.  

"I would highly recommend Michelle as a Kinesiologist for the whole family".

CAROL EDELSON, Dawesville, WA 

“As a fellow Kinesiologist, I recognised that some issues of my three young adult children needed kinesiology from someone other than their mother.  I chose Michelle for her depth of ability to put them through the complete Brain Integration Program to assist with their individual learning blockages and their mental health. I was not disappointed.  

My teenage daughter (then 15)  had issues with high school maths - not only was this resolved, she bloomed with confidence and self assuredness in all aspects of her life.

My eldest son (22) had difficulties with examinations - having returned to mature-age study.  What was most impressive was his self-motivation in managing his appointments and learning to recognise when he needs another session.

My second son (20) has been challenged all his life with main stream schooling as a result of his Asperges-like diagnosis.  He has become much calmer in himself  (a subtle innate contentedness), less reactive and more confident in his day to day activities.

"I have no trouble recommending Michelle for any learning difficulties (real or perceived).  As for me, the evidence speaks for itself".


“I can't express enough the gratitude I have for Michelle and what brain integration and the LEAP Program has done for my son.  I became very desperate to help Rory as he struggled so badly in class with his reading and writing.  To my surprise we started seeing remarkable improvements after his second session, we couldn't believe it.  Rory has now completed the full program and his teachers and I are blown away at the difference in him not only in class but with his behaviour and confidence as well.  

"I strongly  believe we would have never got these results doing anything else.  My two other sons will be doing the full program too.  I'm so excited for them".

 Sharon, Mandurah, WA 

“My son was diagnosed as being 12 - 18 months delayed and it was recommended that he attend a Special Needs School (we decided to send him mainstream).  We had seen a Naturopath and were giving him specific supplements and we had worked with a Dietician and discovered that he had food intolerances.  He had also had Speech Therapy since 3.5 years old and OT.  When we started the Brain Integration with Michelle he was 4 years old, had a vocabulary of less than 80 words, had never said his own name and very minimum fine motor skills.  We completed the entire LEAP Program over 20 Sessions from May to October.  By the 5th session I was starting to see changes specific to the area of the brain that Michelle had worked on.  For example, one session addressed visual needs and symbols.  That next week my son started pointing out letters at the shops and suddenly started commenting about the changing colours of traffic lights.  Around the 8th session he said his own name and repeated it when I asked - I almost fell off my chair.  By the 12th session he had gone from being able to count to 2, to overnight counting all the way up to 10.  It has now been 9 months since we finished the brain Integration.  He is 5 years old and attends a mainstream school.  We have just received his semester 1 School Report and at this stage he is showing absolutely no delays and some areas he is excelling.  He is now on par with the other students his age with no signs of learning difficulties.  He now has a huge vocabulary and we are working on refining some of his articulation.  He is funny and delightful and he feels good about himself partly because he is understanding more and more about the world and what he is been taught.

"Thank you so very much Michelle for working with us to help our amazing little boy reach his full potential".

  Mrs T, Mandurah, WA 

“Michelle is a consummate professional who has helped me enormously throughout my studies to become an osteopath.  As a mature age student, studying was challenging but Michelle eased this process through her marvellous brain integration techniques improving my memory and confidence helping me to succeed.  I recommend Michelle to anyone."

DR SARAHJANE O'LEARY (M.Ost), London - UK & Perth - WA 

“Michelle is a consummate professional who has helped me enormously throughout my studies to become an osteopath.  As a mature age student, studying was challenging but Michelle eased this process through her marvellous brain integration techniques improving my memory and confidence helping me to succeed.  "I recommend Michelle to anyone".

DR SARAHJANE O'LEARY (M.Ost), London - UK & Perth - WA 

“I have suffered for many years with neck and back pain after a motorbike accident.  I tried many different methods of pain relief from which I didn't receive any long term benefits from.  I gave Kinesiology with Michelle a try and found that after several appointments the results where very beneficial.  I have so much more relief - more flexibility in my movement without all that pain.  I have also tried brain integration which has helped me with my memory and am now able to retain and recall information much easier.  Not only do I feel better on a physical level but also on an emotional level too - so much more at ease.  My overall experience with Michelle and Kinesiology is that the sessions are relaxing, non-intrusive and very beneficial.  "Thank you Michelle - I feel great"!

 MARK, Mandurah, WA 

“Michelle has been treating me for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, both very complex Chronic Illnesses both on a physical and emotional levels.  After a few Kinesiology sessions, I was able to come off most of my medication and now take mostly vitamins and minerals.  It's so amazing, saved me so much money, got me off all those chemicals and improved my health.

On the emotional level, I  would subconsciously self sabotage myself by not moving forward and achieving anything because I was made to feel guilty for being happy and successfull.  I didn't know why I would get so far but couldn't take that next step.  Kinesiology has removed these 

 negative self sabotage patterns enabling me to successfully start up my own healing business.

II highly recommend Michelle for any physical or emotional issues you may have. Don't keep putting your life on hold.  Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can't shift what needs to be shifted to attain our physical and emotional wellbeing.  "Kinesiology is able to tap into the body and find out what the problem is, how and when the issue started and how it needs to be healed.  Many thanks Michelle".

HELEN EDWARDS, Mandurah -  WA 

“What a fabulous session that was Michelle!  To finally discover and heal the cause of my self sabotage has left me feeling at peace.  I am feeling truly gentle with myself.  The panic, irritability and anger have gone.  "Thank you Michelle for this wonderful work you do."

ROSEMARY KELLY, Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Bridgetown, WA 

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