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Physical pain:
  • Tired of living in pain and not been able to do things you want in your life?

  • Not been able to perform in sport due to injuries and lack of self worth or self belief?

  • Ongoing stiff neck, headaches and migraines?

  • Have you tried various other therapies and still getting no relief?

Muscular Skeletal Kinesiology energetically balances the muscles of the body which then realigns the skeletal structure resulting in a balanced posture which leads to a balanced system and pain and discomfort disappears.  

Together with balancing the physical structure of the body, I also include brain integration (removes negative destructive patterns) into the session.  Tremendous success has been achieved with athletes helping them reach their peak performance in their chosen sport - keeping them on the top of their game.  

The following are some of the various conditions tackled during a muscular skeletal session: whiplash, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, hip misalignment, scoliosis, TMJ (jaw, facial, grinding & clenching teeth), cranial (headaches, learning problems), ongoing back pain, muscle weakness, and any other injuries to hands, feet, knees etc.

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