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Neurological - LEAP (Learning disorders, difficulties, memory, motivation, focus and life achievement)

 Brain integration is for learning enhancement, learning difficulties, learning disorders (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Problems, Dyspraxia, Autism, etc). For some children and adults this processing is easy, but for others with learning difficulties and disabilities it is a minefield that is very difficult to navigate - even normal  people who normally have access and ability to learn, can loose this under stress.

LEAP (Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols) Brain Integration by Charles Krebs:

The LEAP program has been developed since 1985 in conjunction with clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists and other health professionals. It has proven to be a very effective program for the correction of most learning difficulties.

LEAP is based on a new model of learning using highly specific accupressure formatting to address stress within specific brain structures.The application of specific non-invasive acupressure and other energetic techniques can then resolve these stresses resulting in a return to normal function.

Learning difficulties result from the following lack of:

  • The ability to access specific brain functions and parts ie. the ability to find the filing cabinet and open the correct drawer and take out the correct files.

  • The ability to integrate these brain functions i.e. to be able to select the information required from the files and sort this information into a workable process to resolve the problem.

  • To be able to maintain integration under varying degrees of stress i.e. when files or information are missing, or children become confused, frustrated and angry = at this point brain integrations is lost.

How can Kinesiology help?

Through kinesiology, not only can we energetically access these pathways and enable these areas to function together and enhance learning, but we can address low self esteem and behavioral problems relating to these learning difficulties and change destructive subconscious memory conditioning.

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