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  • Tired of feeling bloated and retaining water?

  • Feeling tired and run down?

  • Craving carbohydrates and fats and not been able to make healthy food choices?

  • Children suffering from stomach discomfort (subconscious emotions)?

  • IBS and other inflammatory digestive disorders?

  • Candida - hard to get rid of?


Stress impacts on your digestive system affecting your nutrient absorption of essential nutrients, eliminating toxins, metabolism and the elimination process affecting how your body functions.  Nutritional Kinesiology can energetically help with:  weight loss, detoxing, food intolerance identification, allergies and healthy eating advice to just name a few. 

During a nutritional kinesiology session I do brain integration as well to defuse those destructive self sabotage subconscious patterns that are preventing you from living an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

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