What is Kinesiology:
What is Kinesiology:
Covid19 / Coronavirus:
The Australian Kinesiology Association has been in constant communication with the Australian Government on when we can undertake face to face kinesiology sessions,  We were closed down since late March 2020.  In Phase 3 we are eligible to reopen with a Covid health plan in place to ensure yours and my health and safety.  Please go onto my facebook page "Michelle Taljaard Kinesiology Practice" to find updates on my reopening.  
In the meantime ~
ONLINE VIA ZOOM Kinesiology sessions are amazing and discounted to $90 per hour session and $115 for new clients 1hr15.  Tel: 0466090731 for direct booking.
A natural, non invasive practice merging ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western physiological sciences to balance the whole person.
Using the gentle art of muscle monitoring we are able to identify any physical, mental, emotional and nutritional imbalances or blockages that have been in the way of you experiencing optimum health.  By removing these imbalances your body is able to restore its natural balance thus restoring your health, vitality and emotional wellbeing.
Stuck in a rut?  not able to move forward in life? Kinesiology taps into the subconscious, thereby releasing these destructive memory blockages preventing you from achieving your fullest potential.

Watch this live testimonial of me being interviewed on the amazing benefits and results of kinesiology!!

Allergies, toxins, candida.

Stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias & relationship

Adrenal, Thyroid, Immune, Reproductive.

Injuries, structural, sport performance.

LEAP Brain Integration



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